Thursday, June 28, 2012

We've been inspired by a lot of paper lately.  Katie Chen's amazing new collages, paper bead earrings, not to mention all the National Geographic magazines that were gifted to us by a friend.  So.... we took scissors to those Nat Geo's (sorry!) and the transformation began.  Don't be sad though because they were sacrificed in the name of art, recycling, and education.  You see, along the way we learned about Iceland's environmental problems, modern global population increases, and even the plight of less commonly-bred domestic chickens.  

We took a big print of our logo, (@ 22" x 28") traced it, and collaged the letters and spiral.  It was like making your own puzzle- very meditative and calming.  Until the phone rings when your hands are covered with Mod Podge. 

Above is the project about half way through.
Why is it that half way through is when it occurs to me to
take pictures, anyway? 

We collaged ALL the white space first, then concentrated
on getting the colored sections over the white edges
so they would be straight and smooth.

When you need salmon pink pieces,
and you find a pink octopus you HAVE to use it!

Here is the finished "R".  All swirly and curly like a
real octopus!  He lives on! 

One of the best parts of this project was searching for
just the right colors.  The "U" was a picture of yellow
terraced fields, the "N" was from a man's purple dress shirt.  

It seems like the predominant color in National
Geographic's is black.  This was great, because we
needed a lot of it for the spiral.  Some of the pieces are
feathers, seeds, buildings at night, and even gorilla
and Australian Shepard dog fur.

Almost done... is the finished collage.
This would be a fun way to transform lots of different
images.  Maybe a tangle of octopuses will be next.
Better renew that Nat Geo subscription.


  1. That is fabulous!

  2. Thanks Lynn! And I loved your Zenspirations post!