Monday, June 18, 2012

Rubbish: recycled art by Natty Moss Bond

Natty Moss Bond grew up in Asheville, NC and moved to St. Petersburg in pursuit of love and the perfect tan. A musician, an artist and a housepainter, Natty likes to find things on the side of the road that are about to go into garbage cans and make them into art.

Natty believes that the only way this planet will survive is if we walk gently. She feels that reusing, recycling and recreating are the only ways as individuals that we can clean up our little area and in turn, help to save the planet. What better way to save the planet than by making rubbish into art. She makes cards out of old file folders and bits from books and magazines. She makes shrines out of tin boxes and old kitchen drawers. She uses many things that would otherwise go into a landfill and tries to make them into beautiful collages of color and dimension.

A self-taught artist, tarot reader, and singer, Natty wishes there were more hours in the day to learn more things, like the difference between left and right and how to cook a fine risotto.

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