Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get Your Spook On

My favorite holiday has always been Halloween.  I was always jealous of those people who were lucky enough to have their birthday on Halloween (you know who you are!).  Maybe next year we'll be able to make a mini haunted house, but for this year, we have the ominous Oogie Boogie* overseeing Charlotte St, and some additional treats for you. 
*note that for those in search of that perfect costume, Oogie Boogie can be yours!  That cold Halloween North Carolina night will be so much warmer inside your soft pillow of cotton goodness (see last photo).  

There are a lot of delicious projects in here (yes, glue and scraps can be delicious)!  But by far, our favorite artist featured is Ann Wood.  
Check out her blog at http://www.annwood.net/blog/
We love her use of vintage textiles and garments, buttons, wire, lace.  And even the tiniest remnants are useful. 

Do you know where your children are........?
Why yes, they are collecting milk jugs, grocery bags and plastic water bottles for their masks, scary signs and hanging spiders! 
One thing we like about this magazine is that since there are so many projects, after this years' fall holidays you can put it away with your decorations and use it again next year. 

Call the exterminator: bats and rats abound, but this rat is made out of  a sweater, so it's a cute furry rat!
No black plague to worry about here!
Rats, Bats and lanterns, oh my! 
 I am the shadow on the moon at night
 Filling your dreams to the brim with fright. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our First Featured Artist: Bradley Barrett

Foundry is now featuring the sculpture of Bradley Barrett.  We met Bradley through a friend who knew we were looking for old doors, windows, and basically anything old and unique to use as display furniture.   After a few minutes in his backyard wonderland of wooden and metal salvage, we knew we had discovered the right place!  Not only does he save materials that would normally be tossed and forgotten, but he creates art out of them.  We have welcomed into our family, Carl, Joe and Jack, and they would be so happy in your home above your mantle, in your cabin, your man-cave, your front porch....

This is Carl, the serious one. He oversees the store with confidence and ease, which you can tell by his serious brow and pout.  He is crafted out of tractor parts, theater seat pieces, a hinge and various others salvaged metal pieces. 

Joe is the rebellious one, and he has grown his hair out to show it. Oh no, I think he also pierced his left ear.  He is made up of pieces similar to Carl, so perhaps Carl is the responsible older brother. 

Jack and Carl make a good team, and how about those recycled metal and glass wall sconces in between?

The star of the show is Jack. His cylinder shaped head is crafted from an oxygen tank, and the horns are beautifully bent metal tubes that flow like tree branches.

Bradley Barrett has been creating whimsical animal heads using 100% recycled and found materials for 15 years, with a focus on steer heads.   His inspiration comes from the materials salvaged while deconstructing old homes and barns in the Western Carolina mountains.    Bradley started his own architectural salvage business in 1996 in an effort to save the parts and pieces of old homes and barns and find a new use for these materials.  What started as an idea to save valuable resources from being thrown away or burned has now grown into a successful architectural business and a resource for local artists.

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a sign....

Our amazing sign arrived this week!  It was designed, created and installed by Warren Perdue, of Perdue Studios: www.perduestudios.com

Here are some photos of the rather treacherous installation.  Lifting a 150lb sign 10 feet in the air next to a busy street is not easy!

Here is the sign on the ground prior to installation.
It's comprised of  a "junk layer" in the middle, and the green panels with the logo are part of an old car.  
Close up of the junk layer with dozens of scrapped parts welded together

I didn't want to make the guys nervous by being obvious about taking the photos...
so I had to do it from inside!  They removed the green panels so it would be lighter. 

View from below.  And just in case you wanted to know the pressure of something or other, there is a gauge...

Thank you Warren!! 


Monday, October 4, 2010


We have some fantastic fall items: pumpkin and bat buckets made out of reclaimed metal - great for lanterns, and scary bats made from reclaimed tin and wooden spindles.  There are also quite a few craft magazines with spooooooky ideas, not to mention the scariest guy in town.... Oogie Boogie!

See you soon!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We're open!!

Come on by to see what we've been slaving over for, ummm about a year now?!!