Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a sign....

Our amazing sign arrived this week!  It was designed, created and installed by Warren Perdue, of Perdue Studios:

Here are some photos of the rather treacherous installation.  Lifting a 150lb sign 10 feet in the air next to a busy street is not easy!

Here is the sign on the ground prior to installation.
It's comprised of  a "junk layer" in the middle, and the green panels with the logo are part of an old car.  
Close up of the junk layer with dozens of scrapped parts welded together

I didn't want to make the guys nervous by being obvious about taking the photos...
so I had to do it from inside!  They removed the green panels so it would be lighter. 

View from below.  And just in case you wanted to know the pressure of something or other, there is a gauge...

Thank you Warren!! 



  1. Love it! The web sight is The green hood that was used was from Warrens car, that met an untimley end, when i was driving it. We are glad it has a place of honor now.
    Anna Perdue