Monday, February 11, 2013

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 Happy February!

In This Issue

New Magazine

True Love

Find your favorite...  

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Our February Window! 

March Craft Night! 

New Magazine



Favorite Project:

 Make journals using old vinyl records as the covers!

True Love



The Love on Purpose Revolution/SoulKu card kit is an innovative way of working with the energy of love. These beautifully designed cards contain a powerful quote from each expert participating in this years’ Love on Purpose Revolution.  Keep some cards for daily affirmation and inspiration.  Pass other cards to friends and family and even track your cards around the world.   

Find your favorite...  


A trunk load of amazing industrial-style jewelry from The Foundery (no relation!) pulled in recently.

They use everything from washers to mail box keys, and many pieces are fantastic for MEN.   

Support Asheville GreenWorks & Support Local Businesses



Become a member and find dozens of local discounts, including 10% off your purchase of $50 or more at Foundry.


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92 Charlotte Street

Asheville, NC 28801





Monday - Saturday, 10-6


Valentine's is a pleasant enough holiday, but we're going to consider it a "love everyone" sort of holiday, instead of a romantic holiday.

So spread some love people!



Pictured above is one of our new recycled glass mosaics by local artist Jennifer Barrineau.  



Here's a beautiful use for old insulators... We now have a selection of wonderful chandeliers, pendants and table lamps, made by Glow828.






Our February Window! 

Caution: if you are a book lover do not be alarmed.  These unwanted books found new lives!  

One of our artists who makes journals using vintage book covers gave us thousands of pages to do something with, and here is what we did with about 300 of them: 



Enjoy Asheville....We Love You! 



March Craft Night! 


Fabric Scrap Lamp Shades 


What:  Have lots of fabric you don't know what to  

             do with?  Well how about refurbishing a

             lamp shade?  Bring in a shade you'd like to

             reuse and we'll turn it into something new! 


When:            Thursday, March 7th, 5-8pm


Cost:   $5            SPACE IS LIMITED

                              KIDS WELCOME


Please reply to this email if you

would like to attend! 







Foundry • 92 Charlotte St • Asheville, NC 28801
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