Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Holiday Gratitude and Other Fun Things

In This Issue

Special Holiday Hours

Snow Day Fun

Makin' it easy

Dude, is that a new wallet?

Foundry feature in Mountain Xpress

Connect With Us

Thank you for another wonderful year! 

 YES, we have Gift Certificates!

Get Your Harvey's On

Special Holiday Hours

We will be OPEN: SUNDAY, December 23rd 


MONDAY, December 24th 10am-6pm

Snow Day Fun



Create some fun with the kids with our new crafting kits!  Make sock doggies, knitted owls and

other critters.  

And look at that cute little suitcase it comes in!    

l link

Makin' it easy


Click the creatures above and view our "Red Album" on Facebook for more holiday sparkle. 

Dude, is that a new wallet?


 All new innertube wallets!  New colored stiching and a  magical extra insert piece.

Foundry feature in Mountain Xpress


Learn a little more about what makes us tick in last weeks' Mountain Xpress!

Connect With Us




92 Charlotte Street

Asheville, NC 28801





Monday - Saturday, 10-6


Thank you for another

wonderful year! 


"Laurel" is in our window right now welcoming winter!  

He was made out of hundreds of Laurel of Asheville

magazine pieces.


Being creative, saving the planet and making a difference are what it's all about at Foundry.  

Thank you friends for helping it happen by supporting a small business, artists, and

some very creative recycling.


To help you knock out your gift list, we're thinking outside the box when it comes to gift giving,

so here we go...


DOUBLE your gift!  

Consider how one gift could be two...


    -Scoop up one of Jon Arge's gift boxes made out 

     of record album sleeves.  No wrapping    

     necessary, and the box is totally keepable.

     -No bow required when you use one of The

     Button Florist's felted sweater brooches as a gift

     topper AND a gift!

     -Hide the treasure you give inside one of Drew

     Deane's collaged cigar boxes or one of  

     Vagabond Studio's tins.

     -Handpainted recycled vased by Concha

     Wilkinson can hold holiday arrangements.

     -Quadruple the love with SoulKu's   

     inspirational, passable, trackable cards. 

     -Holy cow they're reversible! Inner tube belts,

     fabric headbands, scrabble tile necklaces, and

     new recycled metal pendants by Jeff Menzer.


I have $20.  What can I find at Foundry?

You will find something...


     For everyone: 

     -A collection of Jon Arge's quirky (Note)Books 

     and found imagery cards. 

     -3 Poo Poo Paper Note Pads.  Enough said. 

     -Handmade (and super cute) gift bows made out

     of wall paper samples. 



     For the house: 

    -All natural wool dryer cubes, wine bottle bowls,

     vintage dishware pedestals, fridge magnets.


    For doggies:

    -Recycled rubber bouncy toys and pick-up bag



    For the crafter:

    -GreenCraft, Cloth Paper Scissors and other

    inspirational craft magazines and books. 


    For the traveler:

    -Recycled plastic passport or ID card holders

    and cosmetic bags.


     For the kids (big and small):

     -Recycled wooden spinning tops

     -Recycled crayon crayons

     -Make your own key-ring kits

 YES, we have Gift Certificates!

Get Your Harvey's On

 Cool winter colors from Harvey's Seatbeltbags...






Plaid Plaza Tote                Belle Small Satchel



 Marilyn Tote


If you read this far you are awesome!

Foundry • 92 Charlotte St • Asheville, NC 28801
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