Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Refinery of Katie Chen and Dawn Lustig

In July and August we are hosting the work of Katie Chen and Dawn Lustig.  Both ladies create amazing work out of everyday items- the ultimate in upcycling!

Katie uses tiny magazine clippings to create undulating abstract work.  All pieces are on recycled boards like cabinet doors, cigar boxes, etc.  They are just magical in person!

"Sarcoidosis", magazine clippings on wood

Detail of "Sarcoidosis"

Detail of "Blue"


"Small #2"

Detail of "Negro Verde"

And if you're not sure what to do with those plastic grocery bags...well do you know how to knit?
Dawn Lustig creates one-of-a-kind knit bags out of locally-spun yarn and strips of plastic bags.  Closures are made from pottery pieces, rocks, or recycled paper beads.

Yarn and plastic grocery bags knitted together.  Dyed agate closure.

Dawn is also making bracelets and necklaces with stones, wire and recycled paper beads from Bead for Life.

So come by Foundry soon to see these exciting pieces, created by two wonderfully talented women!

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