Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Everyone!  For the last two weeks we've sequestered ourselves doing nothing but painting and re-habbing furniture, unpacking, cleaning, and then painting and unpacking some more.  Here is a preview of what you'll see when you're here:

Temporary window display during set-up
We call this the "cake table".  We decoupaged map pages to the edges.  (Apologies to the sacrificial 2002 Thomas Guide.)  You'll find Harvey's Seatbelt bags, and other bags and wallets made from bicycle tire rubber.  Also wallets from ties, and the infamous seatbelt closure bottle opener!  Oh, and those scissors aren't for sale.  

Sweater animals, kits for kids, wine cork projects and craft magazines
Here are some notebooks made from discarded book covers, a group of thermos lamps and a barnwood mirror.  Not to mention the $10 Goodwill bookcase that we painted, slanted the shelving and added yard sticks to!
This is our "book nook"
Get your Harvey's!  The Lola Satchel here on top is my favorite.
This is Rowan, our unofficial mascot and official unpacker

Jewelry corner with cypress knees to hang pieces and rubber tire barrels underneath
Who would have thought that cypress knees made such cool display items!

Candles (yes, we found soy candles in recycled material!) motherboard boxes, ceiling tin picture frames and an area for the kids to entertain themselves.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us during these months while we've been building our business.  We are so glad to finally be sharing all our wonderful things with you and hope to see you very soon!

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  1. Wow, this looks terrific-- I can't wait to shop!